Dead Union v1.9.3.6417 MOD APK+OBB data Full free download

Dead Union is a 3D strategy zombie shooting game, which combines the tower defense feature into FPS. It�s totally a brand new FPS game and would bring much more fun to FPS fans. Which means, it�s not just a FPS game, it asks for special strategy in game play.

Brand New Zombie Shooting
Unprecedented introduced tower defense for zombie FPS. Build and upgrade your own tower bases and zombie guards to win prizes on fine designed real time tournaments. Earn countless game resources from it! Dead Union is a game of strategy and tactical skills.
Numerous zombie eliminators now have established their tower bases and join intensive online battle.
Massive, Continuously Updated Content
-Dead Union is constantly evolving and expanding. Every update features new contents intended to improve your game experience. The constant optimizing quests, the skilled zombies and turrets, the unique PVP game play, the more social game features, etc are going to be released, soon.

Including five chapters and each of which contains three difficult levels
Grab your most favorable zombie killing machine from 29 kinds of weapons.
Go for the fight with the help of various unique items, such as the bombs and turrets, etc. Better gear them up before you start a battle.Tons of rewards help to level up

Participate in Mission Mode and receive rewards. Complete achievements, meet challenges and receive a great amount of in-game currency or virtual items Level up with the help of rewards, fight for the honor in the zombie nation.Endless Challenge

Will you be the ultimate survivor when you front the endless waves of zombies?Test your limit in X-Mode. Equip your most powerful killing machine, build your strongest turrets to make strong tower defense and terminate all the living dead in no time.
Original and Fun Gameplay

Forget easy-to-kill zombies. Get ready for Hummer Monster, Giant Gorilla and other bossesPowerful zombies with a strategic approach to your elimination. Also be sure to try out non-traditional weapons such as Rocket launcher and high-powered arrow. You�re gonna love them.

What's in this version : (Updated : Dec 25, 2015)
  • The HP of the boss has been adjusted.
  • The Penetration Turret, Cannon Turret, Circle Frozen has been added.
  • The skills of Guitarist Paul, Walker Bully Stanson have been adjusted.
  • The beginner's sign-in reward has been modified.
  • The attributes of 3 turrets have been modified.
  • The skills of Werewolf, Pumpkin Head Jack and Nurse Angela have been optimized.
  • The UI of the battle preparation interface has been updated.
  • Level 1 players can equip AWP and M32 now.

Required Android O/S : 2.3+

Screenshots :

188 MB

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